I believe in balance… squats and lunges during the week and indulging in a little Nutella on the weekends.

I was a competitive tennis player and one of the top-10-ranked tennis players in California.  Unfortunately, my body sustained reoccurring injuries which ultimately ended my tennis career. I was devastated about losing my tennis career, and turned to food for comfort.  As a result, I packed on unwanted pounds and ultimately felt unhealthy with my food choices and lack of physical activity. I was determined to get back in shape, so I attended California State University Northridge and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. I interned with the athletic teams at University of Southern California and Notre Dame High School where I learned to retrain my body. I put myself through various workout regimens to find which would be the most effective way to get back into shape, thus creating BootyFit Workout.  

The BootyFit Workout uses a holistic approach to naturally sculpt your body into its best shape possible. Being fit is not about conforming to a specific look or size. It is about creating a healthy lifestyle composed of a well-balanced diet, daily physical activity and sufficient sleep. We practice moderation and proper exercise technique to efficiently target your goals. Exercises are a combination of plyometrics, interval training, HIIT and resistance training. The BootyFit Workout caters to make you feel strong, sexy and fit!


                    My message to you...

My butt is my favorite asset and I'm not ashamed. I'm not going to hide it with loose fitting clothes or a sweater around my waist. I'm not going to stop wearing a fitted skirt to meetings just because it makes me look unintentionally sexy. After my countless repetitions of squats, lunges and deadlifts I am not going to conceal the curves that I have earned just because it is too much for you to handle. My body is MY body. It's been through setbacks, plateaus and injuries…and has survived. Whatever curveball was thrown my way I chose to  move forward and face the challenges. There were so many times I wanted to hit the snooze button and skip my workout, but I got up, put on my shoes, threw my hair in a messy bun and made my way to the gym.  It is my work, my struggle, my evolution and a representation of the life I lead. It took me many years to fully become comfortable in my own skin,  even though I still  have some moments of insecurity here and there.  I will never again allow myself to fall victim to another person's vision of how I should look. WE all have our own unique beauty and body and we all deserve to feel confident. I am proud of my butt, my thighs, my hips, my muscles and most importantly I am proud of the hours I put in to achieve my body.  So, here I am…round booty and proud.